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    Hey Michael,

    I wanted to let you know that I received a 99 on my TOEFL test (taken on 17th Dec 2011). The split up is 24-reading, 25-listening, 26-speaking and 24-writing. This was my first attempt at TOEFL. I was aiming at around a 100/120 and I am very satisfied with what I have achieved.
    I was initially nervous about speaking because first, I was talking to the computer and second, I felt the pressure of time. STEALTH has really helped me gain my confidence in the speaking section such that my highest score is in the speaking section.
    I would really like to thank you so much for your help. I would gladly recommend " the 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT" to all my friends who are going to take the test.
    Wishing you and loved ones a very happy and prosperous 2012!
    Shruti Kamath

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Mr.Buckhoff,

    This is to let you know that with your wonderful methods of teaching through your website, I have got the last bit I need from TOEFL.
    The first six attempts were actually by myself's trials and errors, as I have told you. I could get between 22-23 speaking score which was not enough. But this last one, after I had about 1 month preparation putting the effort into improving the speaking part, rehearsing the pronunciation from your 1,500 vocabs collection and repeatedly doing all of your speaking exercise. Now, I am through the primary requirement into the targeted province of the Canadian medical system.
    Therefore, with your great teaching strategies I wholeheartedly pledge my testimony to confirm that anybody who wishes to achieve the best score of TOEFL should solemnly, patiently and carefully follow your instruction. Together with your insight, it is worth much more than the subscription. We are an ocean apart but you could see me through and gave all the right comments, particularly sitting TOEFL exams in succession is like running a marathon. However, what I did not take just one from you was, I did not have a can of beer to make me relax the day before the exam.
    I am sure you would keep up the all the excellent works for students who wish to improve their English skills. Best of luck, Michael. Thanks.
    Yours sincerely,
    Somshart Wannissorn
    Hi Michael,
    I just got my TOEFL results: reading 25, listening 27, speaking 24 and writing 27 or 103 over all. Previously I scored 89 ( reading 23, listening 23, speaking 22 and writing 21). Using your service I improved all areas but especially writing and I am very happy about it.
    I want to say thank you very much for your help, motivation and excellent teaching. You are great teacher and your 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT is an excellent service for students who want to have better TOEFL score.
    Happy New Year and I wish you the best.
    Ivana Njegovan
    Hi Michael,Your program is great and it has helped me to score over 100. Today, I have received my Toefl score, which is 106.On this occasion, I would like to thank you for your helpful advice and comments. You and your colleague are doing a great job and through this program, I have improved my Toefl taking skills significantly. In addition, the way you motivate your students is amazing - it gave me extra confidence.Your program 7 Step Stealth system to approach the Toefl ibt is unique of its kind and enormously effective in the outcome!Great program and thank you very much.
    Hello Micheal, I'm writing this comment to tell you that finally I passed Teofl Exam with a magic 26 on the speaking section and 29 on the writing section, and that would never happened without your help and hints. Actually, I want to tell other subscribers about something weird which happened to me during my trials to pass the toefl exam. I started to take Toefl exam last year depending on my knowledge and without any help. Everytime i scored 23 on the speaking section and 22 on the writing section. After the fourth time I decided to be one of Michael Buckhoff's students. I signed up for his service for 3 months, and I did Improve my speaking and writing skills, and I was sure enough I would do it this time. So, I decided to take the Toefl exam again, but the shocking news was that I scored 24 on the speaking section and 27 on the writing section (which means 5 points more due to Michael's help). I took the exam again, and I scored AGAIN 24 on the speaking section and 29 on the writing section, and that was unbelievable because, due to the instructions and the way of scoring, I was sure that I was qualified to pass the speaking section. Therefore, I ordered a RESCORING service for the exam and the ETS center DID CHANGE my speaking score to 26. So , if you are sure that you did perfectly on your exam, and you did take these lessons with Michael for enough time to finish all the 7 steps , DON'T HESITATE to do rescoring for your exam. They are human rators, and they make mistakes. And finally, I wish every TOEFLer good luck :) Sabah --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael, Thanks for all your guidance. I passed my Toefl with a magic score of 26 in speaking. I was subscribed to better toefl for three months. It helped me to improve my reading and writing skills. I scored 28 in writing,with the help of your comments. Although, your suggestions on organization and unity helped me to improve my speaking skills,but from my experience I can say that we need to give a specific example for atleast one point from our organization in the speaking. The example should impress the listeners. Moreover, the integrated writing, should follow the same organization like independent task. Thanks for your valuable suggestions and goodluck for your students. thanks Sunitha --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Michael: I want to share very good news with you. I just got the TOEFL scores and here they are: Reading: 21; Listening: 23; Speaking: 24; Writing: 27. Total: 95. The university was asking me for 93 and minimum 22 for speaking and writing. So, I got it! Even though reading was not great; I was extremely nervous and it was the first one. I spent more time than I should and could not work properly in the last reading. I want to thank you for all your feedback and information provided in your course. I was able to get this score based on your guidance and feedback. I studied just for two weeks. I could not believe that I was going to be able to get the score in the first attempt. You are a wonderful teacher and your system is awasome. My monthly registration finishes today but I would like to study with you for a while, specially in speaking and writing. Should I stay with the 7 Steps System or would you suggest a different course to improve my speaking and writing. I am a psychoterapist, so I am really interested on doing it the best I can. Thanks again, Maria ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Michael, I am so glad to have joined your talkgroup. Your 7 step system has a very comprehensive review for the Toefl ibt exam. I went straight ahead to the speaking skills because I know that it is my weakness in the teofl ibt secton but I believe that the other 3 sections:reading, writing and listening will teach me more strategies that will be beneficial for passing my toefl-ibt.I am impressed on how you touch base to every student and follow up on each one of them.Your personal interaction encourage us more and make us persevere to achieve our goal and pass the toefl ibt test.I will definitely recommend your 7 step system to my colleagues and friends. More power, Melycel
    Hi Michael,
    How are you???My name is Mariana. I took a TOEFL test last year and I got the score 78. I needed 79 to apply for MBA.
    I tried to study own my on for almost half year. I had less than one month when I found your webside, even though I had studied your lessons for just one month they helped me a lot. I took the TOEFL test one more time last March 27th and I got the score 93. :)Thank you so much for you help! Your lessons were really helpful for me!
    I wish the best to you! God bless you!
    Mariana Da Silva

    Hi Michael, Today, I received my TOEFL score. My overall score is 100/120. The break up is as follows: Reading: 22/30 Listening: 25/30 Speaking: 26/30 Writing : 27/30 I want to thank you for helping me. I liked your STEALTH series. I liked your passion about teaching and you want everyone to succeed. I did not have much time to prepare. I was nervous but after watching your lectures, I was confident that I would do fine. In the end, I want to tell you that you should be proud of yourself that what an incredible teacher you are. I am also a teacher but I teach Microsurgery which is little bit different from English and I commend the efforts you put in your students(including me) with continuous guidance through your newsletters and videos. Please feel free to contact me for any questions and correct this letter. Take care, Syed Gillani, MD


    Michael, I can say that it’s very important to organize your time efficiently to reach your target score. my first toefl was 72 and after 3 months I was able to score 84. Therefore I think it’s important to have strategy in your study, by the way I want to thank you Mr Michael your tips were very helpful to me especially in speaking section because I scored 23. mohamed


    Hi Michael,

    I receieved my scores at TOEFL. My overall score is 106/120. The break up is as follows:

    Reading: 26/30

    Listening: 26/30

    Speaking: 26/30

    Writing : 28/30


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